Important Dates for the District

May 18th - District Budget Meeting at MHS 

May 19th -Special Olympics 

May 25th - Step Up Day - 3rd grade students from EES to MGWS 

May 31 - Step Up Day - 3rd grade students from CEN to MGWS 

June 2nd - Adult Education Graduation 

June 2nd - Last Day of PM Late Bus at MGWS, MMS, MHS, Last Thursday late start/ early release day. 

June 10th - MHS Graduation 

June 13th - Step Up Day - 5th grade students from MGWS to MMS 

8th grade students from MMS to MHS 

June 15th Last Day of School - 1/2 Day for all Schools 

School Dismissal Times - 

MMS and MHS - 10:45 am - 

MGWS - 11:35 am - 

EES and CES - 11:45 am