The great depression games

Great News from Marshwood Middle School

The Great Depression 

Mr. Petrie's 8th Grade Social Studies classes wrapped up their unit of the Great Depression by designing and building their board games dealing with the 1930s.  Students worked in small groups or alone on the project.

Their Board Games needed to be Informative and Instructional.  Knowledge of the 1930s should be evident in the game's play, design, and final objective.  They were allowed to design their boards or “borrow” from an existing game. 

  1. A fitting title showing its relevance to the Great Depression

  2. A clear objective on how to win the game

  3. Game rules are written so they are easily understood

  4. Game pieces that match your game (tokens, money, chance cards, etc…)

  5. Some way to move pieces (dice, spinner, etc)

  6. An actual game board labeled and attractive

  7. Some question-and-answer (or decision-making) components that show knowledge