We had our Core Value Celebration Friday, Janurary 26th. Students, staff and some parents joined together in the gymnasium  to show appreciation for our students who have shown honesty this month. Mrs. Goulet reminded our school of our values: courage, respect, compassion, honesty, fairness and responsibility.  

Ms. Nichols  spoke to the audience with the a beautiful  message about the power of honesty.

As the morning announcements have reminded us this week, the trait of honesty is not simply the practice of telling the truth.  Honest people behave in a way that is genuine and authentic. By doing so, they earn the trust of the people around them. 

When we consider someone as honest, we know we can rely on them to do what they say they will do, and to stand up for what is right.  

Sometimes we get caught up thinking that standing up for what is right happens during big dramatic moments of injustice and there are those moments, for sure, but, standing up for what is right also happens in the smallest moments of our day. It happens when we move through the hours and minutes making responsibility, kindness and respect our priorities. 

Please join Marshwood Middle School in celebrating these students for their honesty the month of January: Connor O'Brien, Harry Pouliot, May Woods,  Jakob Murphy, Emma Callanan, Kaylee Croteau, Patrick Conroy, Maddy West and Teagan Moore.

In addition to celebrating honesty the staff and students had a competitive  knock-out tournament.  Fun was had by all!