Ms. Corriveau and Ms. Gilpatrick have been working hard to highlight adolescent books for students and families. This year they are trying something new: Genre of the Month. November's featured genre is Historical Fiction.

Historical fiction novels are set in the past, in a real place/period of history. It combines fictional details with historical fact. Characters can be real or imagined, but the setting should be as authentic as possible.

Historical fiction lets readers time travel to different places and periods in history! It gives readers the best of both worlds: engaging fiction & real history!

Historical Fiction book recommendations from MMS students

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

"Chains" by Laurie Halse Anderson follows the story of Isabel, a young slave girl in New York during the American Revolution. Sold to a cruel Loyalist family, Isabel navigates the complexities of loyalty and freedom as she forms alliances with rebels and British soldiers alike. Amidst the turmoil of war and her own quest for liberty, Isabel grapples with the weight of her decisions and the pursuit of justice in a society divided by conflicting ideals. Anderson’s powerful narrative delves into themes of resilience, identity, and the enduring struggle for freedom, offering a poignant portrayal of one girl's fight for autonomy in the face of oppression.

We Dream of Space by Erin Entrada Kelly

Fitch, Bird, and Cash are 3 siblings in the 7th grade, but they might as well be 3 planets orbiting in outer space. Fitch feels at home in the arcade, Bird is always dreaming of space, and Cash, well, he doesn’t know if he’s good at anything. At home, they mostly ignore each other and listen to their parents argue. But there’s one thing on all 3 siblings’ (and America’s) horizon: the upcoming launch of the Challenger space shuttle. As the date approaches, conflicts brew and anticipation grows. Everyone knows the Challenger will change history, but nobody is prepared for how it will change their lives.

Codetalker by Joseph Bruchac

As a young boy, Ned Begay leaves his home to attend boarding school with other Navajo children. At school, the children are stripped of their identity and culture. Their hair is cut, names are changed, and language is banned. But years later, when Ned joins the Marines, his sacred native language is not banned, but used as a secret weapon in the war. As a top-secret code talker, Ned and other marines use the Navajo language to send messages in an unbreakable code. This is the once-classified story of some of America’s greatest heroes: the Navajo Code Talkers of World War II.

What are some of your favorite Historical Fiction reads?