Please use the link below to report POSITIVE COVID-19 test results


District COVID-19 Dashboard

District Wide Data

Cases Reported 1/24: 16

Total District Cases: 637

* Total district data includes support and administrative staff who work across district buildings and are not included in individual school case counts.

Break Down by School

Marshwood High School

Cases reported 1/24: 3

Total Cases: 185

Marshwood Middle School

Cases reported 1/24: 5

Total Cases: 175

Great Works School

Cases reported 1/24: 1

Total Cases: 73

Central Elementary School

Cases reported 1/24: 3

Total Cases: 115

Eliot Elementary School

Cases reported 1/24: 4

Total Cases: 72

COVID-19 is highly prevalent in our community at this time. Please monitor yourself and your students closely for any symptoms and keep them home if any develop. Social distancing, proper masking, regular testing and staying home when sick are essential.

For information on signing up for the district Pool Testing Program, additional COVID-19 info and FAQs, please click on the link below.