Flag Raisers Grace Hilton and Sarah Galvin fly our colors with pride and honor every Monday and Tuesday no matter what the weather! Thank you for being so patriotic and dedicated!
6 days ago, Catherine Locke
Raising the American flag
Cinching the cords of the flags
Making sure it is raised correctly
Thank you!
8 Osprey student, Deshawn Toussaint, proudly shows his WWII project for Ms. Amato's class.
4 days ago, Marshwood Middle School
WWII project
Check those shelves, counter tops and desks. MMS library books are due Thursday, May 20th. Have questions about a library book- check in with our library coordinator- Barbara at barbara.mundell@rsu35.org
5 days ago, MMS
Library Books
All that glitters is gold with these MMS softball players! Before Monday's softball game, the MMS softball team gathered to create signs for the MHS softball players. Shine bright and keep rooting for each other!
6 days ago, MMS
May is testing month at Marshwood Middle School. Last Wednesday and today sixth, seventh and eighth graders took Reading and Math tests. A big shout out to Ms. Camp and Ms. Ring for guiding the teachers and staff through the testing days.
6 days ago, MMS
These students couldn't be happier about the mild weather this week. Here is a peek of some sixth and seventh graders having some old fashion fun at recess with a game of four square and some jumping rope.
7 days ago, MMS
What a Teacher Appreciation Week! The teachers at MMS would like to offer a big THANK YOU to Stephanie Thompson, Student Council and the MMS parents that offered appreciation last week.
8 days ago, MMS
Thank you
The last day of school will be Monday, June 14. Dismissal will be at 10:45 a.m.
11 days ago, Marshwood Middle School
Last Day of School
All practices are cancelled for today, Wed., 5/5/21, due to weather.
13 days ago, Marshwood Middle School
Did you know that it is Teacher Appreciation Week? Let's face it, this year has been strange. But we're getting through it, thanks in part to our awesome educators! Take a moment to thank a teacher this week.
15 days ago, MMS
Teacher Appreciation Day
Marshwood Middle School wants you to show off your talent with their "Minute to Win" activity hosted by Student Council. To participate, students will create a short video (one minute or less) showing off their talent. Prizes will be awarded to each category: engineering, gaming, art, singing, instrumental and sports.
21 days ago, MMS
Talent Show
The Parthenon is regarded as an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece, Athenian democracy and Western civilization, and one of the world's greatest cultural monuments.The majestic structure is known for its dignified white marble columns and perfect sense of proportion that held an enormous stone roof. The sixth graders worked to create a paper structure modeled after the Greek Parthenon. Students used a piece of paper and an arm’s length of tape to create their structure. Students were challenged to use their materials to build a structure that held 10 books at least four inches off the floor.
25 days ago, MMS
Parthenon Building
about 1 month ago, Catherine Locke
Walls and halls of MMS Part 2
about 1 month ago, Catherine Locke
Black Star Bright day
Are you An Ally?
Ally Reynolds is our intern from UNH working with Ms. Caverly and Ms. Travers for the semester. Ms. Reynolds is from Weymouth MA and grew up playing soccer, tennis ,basketball , softball and lacrosse. Ms. Reynolds wanted to become a Health and Physical Education teacher because she wanted to share her passions of a healthy and active life with her students.In a few years he would like to be teaching at a middle school or elementary school level coaching soccer and basketball. She has enjoyed the students at MMS because "they are so nice and respectful."
about 1 month ago, Catherine Locke
Ms. Travers and Ms. Reynolds
Mrs. Caverly and Ms. Reynolds
Ms. Reynold in Action
Ms. Reynolds going over the "Rules of the Game"
Sidewalk Art decorates the outdoor walkways with messages of positivity.
about 1 month ago, Catherine Locke
MMS flag raisers Mason Poitras and Bradyn Lavigne are dedicated 8th grade students who fly our colors every Thursday and Friday..no matter what the weather. When asked why they like raising the flag, Bradyn responded "I like to give back and I have pride in our country and think our flag represents that." Mason added "I feel being a flag raiser is a sign of respect to those who have served and inspires others to serve their county in a positive way. "
about 1 month ago, Catherine Locke
Mason and Bradyn flying our colors
 8th graders Mason Poitras and Bradyn Lavigne
Raising our flag
Here is a peek at how the 8 Osprey students are wrapping up their unit on the 1930s. Students chose one of four options to demonstrate their understanding of the decade: Choice 1: Create your own 1930s Comic Strip! Choice 2: Write your own 1930s movie script! Choice 3: Design a Great Depression “one pager” on a historical figure from the time period (FDR, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Steinbeck, etc.) Choice 4: Make a 1930s annotated timeline. Student work showed creativity, organization, and understanding of a complex time period in our history!
about 1 month ago, MMS
Jackie Comic
Each week Mrs. Lawson and Ms. Gilpatrick run an optional Social Studies class on Wednesday mornings at 8:30. For the past few weeks, more than 40 students have been using a digital pictionary-like game to test their mythology knowledge. While one student draws, the other students guess the god, goddess or mythical being pictured. Mrs. Lawson and Ms. Gilpatrick act as game show hosts as they tell stories and give additional clues about these mythical beings. Fun is had by all.
about 1 month ago, MMS
Digital Pictionary
MMS Student Council is looking for your help. Teacher Appreciation Week is from May 3rd-7th, 2021 and we would like to show our thanks and gratitude by treating them like a V.I.T. - VERY IMPORTANT TEACHER. Please read over the donation list, and help us create a special week for all the staff at Marshwood Middle School. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090844aca82fabfd0-mmsteacher1
about 1 month ago, Student Council
Teacher Appreciation